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Double Bill: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde / Refraction [breaking light]

During this double-bill, you will see two works by up-and-coming break talents: REFRACTION [breaking light] by Liam McCall (nominated for a Swan in 2023) and Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Keshaw & Hamiro, who won the audience award at the Café Theatre Festival with this play.

Have you ever noticed that if you look at something through a glass of water, the object behind the glass seems to change shape and place? This is refraction: a lightwave breaking on a surface and changing velocity, causing us to not see what's really there beneath the surface. It can also completely change what's above the surface, think of the moving colors of a sunset or a rainbow appearing when it rains.   

In this duet Liam McCall and Oscar Starink, two b-boys from Underdogz crew, research what it means to be a breaker and use light to share that vision. What lies beneath the image of a b-boy, and becomes apparent deep under the surface?It's an exploration of light, dance and themselves.Can they break the stereotype and just be boys? 

About Liam McCall

Liam McCall (1995, Utrecht) fell in love with breaking and dance at a young age. Together with his crew Underdogz he’s been making noise in the underground battle scene for years. He’s a genre trancending Bboy well known for his creative freedom, musicality, presence, improvisation skills and movement qualities. Liam has worked in the dancetheatre as a performer in countless productions (for companies like DOX, AYA, 155, MAAStd, ISH, De Dansers and IRCompany).   

REFRACTION [breaking light] is the third piece he created. In 2022 his solo FR/AGILE won the Best of Fringe Amsterdam Award and performed at festivals like Moving Futures, Julidans and De Parade.  

Dr. Jekyll, an intelligent man with a noble character and upright behavior who can always be trusted to do the right thing, meddles with the darker side of science as he creates an alter ego (Mr. Hyde) of himself. An experiment which takes on a life of its own and wreaks havoc.  

About Keshaw & Hamiro

Keshaw & Hamiro are two dancers from the Netherlands. They have 10+ years dance experience in many different styles and they have found each other through dance. They are both dancers who love to tell stories and express intense emotions through dance. Together they participate in many battles as ‘Crime Time’, but this time they will express themselves in a more vulnerable way. 

Korzo Zaal

Event in the past.

Double Bill: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde / Refraction [breaking light]



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