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Dik vet feest man

Benefit evening for people with big hearts and short attention spans.

Mime theatre group Bambie, Franou and Servaes Nelissen will each perform a short show. The proceeds of this surprising evening will benefit the fight against Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

This benefit evening is an initiative of Alfred van der Meulen. He regularly works as a freelance technician for visiting companies in Korzo. Since 2006, he has been committed to fighting Duchenne muscle disease. Alfred was very keen to organise a benefit evening with us because he is a big fan of Korzo.

Mime theatre group Bambie, Franou and Servaes Nelissen perform their shows entirely selflessly, and Korzo makes the hall, (technical) facilities and staff available free of charge. Thanks to this unique collaboration, the entire proceeds of this evening will benefit Duchenne research.

In 1995, in their third year at the Amsterdam mime school, Paul van der Laan and Jochem Stavenuiter decide to put together a performance in one week each. They are presentations within one study. In Bambie 1, two people turn out to be able to declare their love to each other despite their mental and physical weakness - they are constantly shaking on their legs and crying at the slightest thing that goes wrong.

Anou Maarsingh and Fran Vozila, or Franou, are graduating from mime school in Amsterdam this year. They worked together in 2022, and this year they are coming together again with a new work. They found each other in their common interest in mischief, the irrational, the childlike, impulsivity, losing yourself in stories and Corry Konings. 

Their duet is an exploration of what it means to blur the dividing line between young and old, and create a world in which their own laws and rules apply. 

"An undefined resort, or spa, solarium, fitness centre
there are two children, maybe brother and sister
later there are two smoking old women
a self-designed sun canopy connecting them."

Servaes plays the third part of the full-length show Beefteefjes, which features dog whisperer Renate Schoep. Renate Schoep: "When I say I talk to animals, there are still people who look at me a bit strangely. Fortunately, this is becoming less and less and I see an increasing appreciation for our work. I also give seminars on depression in dogs. An awful lot of people attend those. Anyone can learn this, really. And the more people start talking to animals, the less loneliness."

Korzo Zaal

Event in the past.

Dik vet feest man



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