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Creative Meet-Up

Where do makers, artists and other creatives find each other? Well, in Korzo!⁠

From January, we started the Korzo meet-up. A monthly meet-up/networking opportunity for makers in the theatre field, to get acquainted, explore collaborations or just catch up. Whether you’re a costume designer, dancer, circus artist or choreographer: we’d like to welcome you to join Korzo’s creative meet-up. During a creative meet-up, you get to meet fellow creatives in an informal setting, to share ideas, future projects or just to drink coffee and have a nice conversation.

Why we do this?
During the Korzo Salons and Workshops, we notice how valuable it is when makers exchange experiences and speak to each other regularly. As a house of movement, we like to facilitate that. The Korzo meet-ups are free and anyone can come along. Spread the word and invite makers from your network!⁠


Yoga Narada®

11:00 - 12:30

After the meet-up you can join the Yoga Narada® class given by dance- and yogateacher J Ryan Carroll. Yoga Narada® awakens the senses, stimulates the nervous system, and activates the body using breath. Moving fluidly through sequences, physical and mental blocks dissolve away, allowing the body to open up in new ways. 

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Event in the past.

Creative Meet-Up


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