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Club Guy & Roni Invites: Lunatics & Poets | Mohamed Yusuf Boss

Club Guy & Roni Invites: Mohamed Ysuf Boss + Lunatics and Poets

Club Guy & Roni asks dancemakers it feels a kinship with to make new work. It does this as part of its mission to support talent and bring it to a wider audience. This double bill focuses on choreographer Mohamed Yusuf Boss and the duo Anna Jacobs and Hanna van der Meer.

In ‘LABA’, dancer and choreographer Yusuf Boss explores the concept of ‘being home’ through the fundamentals of Hiphop and other styles including the African Pantsula and Jaandheer, and the Haka from the Maori. With the strong collective character of these different styles of dance, Yusuf Boss delves into the relationship between the individual and a country or home that doesn’t officially exist, like Somaliland.

What does a relationship like that do to a person? What do you identify with? In a society where individualization and polarisation keep growing, it’s easy to feel more and more displaced. And what echoes continuously when you can no longer go home?


Read the interview with Mohamed here


Lunatics and Poets combines different disciplines to initiate a diverse dialogue. Their most recent works include the installation The Land of no Curtains which premiered at Festival d ’Avignon (2022) and the performance The People look like Flowers at last (2021). The duet I am a poem, there is no way out won the Club Guy & Roni partner award at RIDCC (2018), the Golden Butterfly Award Dance Fest (2019), and first prize at Festival10Sentidos Valencia (2020).

In Postcards from a better place Lunatics and Poets illuminates the dark side of human nature. From an infantile game to overt violence, it is the inner darkness that confronts us with irreversible acts, shame and guilt. This performance is a poetic portrait of the shadow side that at the same time makes us human.


Read here the interview with Lunatics and Poets


Cast Tatiana Matveeva, Lin van Kaam, Ada Daniele, Tatiana Spiewak, Will English

Korzo Zaal

Event in the past.

Club Guy & Roni Invites: Lunatics & Poets | Mohamed Yusuf Boss



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