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Bambie 2197 | Om en nabij planeet Moebius

Strap yourself in and embark a trip to planet Moebius 

The name Jean Giraud may not ring a bell with everyone, but by all means, it should. This legendary and highly influential French cartoonist (1938 – 2012) acquired absolute cult status with his science fiction inventions under the alter ego Moebius. It inspired mime theater group Bambie to create the visual and musical performance BAMBIE 2197 – around planet Moebius. 

Together with puppetteer Servaes Nelissen and cellist Amber Docters van Leeuwen, Bambie delves into the vast universe of Moebius. The work of Giraud aka Moebius was full of psychedelic, sometimes wordless science fiction about space travelers on an unclear mission in an abounding fantasy universe. 

In a way, Moebius explored the cosmos in his own head. The human planet hoppers and the strange aliens his protagonists meet all tend to struggle with dull, earthly problems. It is here where the science fiction of Moebius locksteps with the theater of Bambie. It is always about the (physical) struggle with everyday reality from which the imagination offers an escape hatch. And in that, no imaginary planet drifts too far. 

Founded by Paul van der Laan and Jochem Stavenuiter, Bambie started in 1995 at the Amsterdam Mime Academy. Since then they have created more than 20 performances in their patented physical and visual theater style. With Bambie, the body acts as the mirror of the deepest fears and desires of the figures on stage. 

Under the spell of big emotions,  their behavior takes absurd, expressionistic or poetic shapes. Bambie has won various prizes while performing at home and abroad, building up a loyal and enthusiastic audience over the years. In 2022, their project Anders is een hele normale Zweedse voornaam (6+) - a coproduction with Theater Artemis - was nominated for the VSCD Mime/Performance Prize.   

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Korzo Zaal

Event in the past.

Bambie 2197 | Om en nabij planeet Moebius


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