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Event in the past.

Any Body, Every Body

Makers Evelien Jansen, VegeLijf, Esmée Begemann, Aviva Thijssen & Constantin Trommlitz i.s.m. Codarts student Lotte Boonen
Duration 75 min
Program lines Future Heroes
Future HeroesDiscover young and up-and-coming talent and see promising makers at the beginning of their careers.
HomegrownCreators from The Hague, because we like to showcase the creative talent the Hofstad has to offer.

Do you have a body or are you a body? And what happens when several bodies come together in one space and start moving?

You will get answers to these questions during Any Body, Every Body. Several Get Moving trajectories come together during this performance evening. Various groups have spent the past months working around the concept of physicality within various disciplines, from dance, theatre, mime and film. Read more about the various trajectories below.


More information about Get Moving

Working with professional makers and discovering and developing your talent. These are the Get Moving Young Talent programmes for young people aged 15 to 25. Would you like to take part? We will be starting new projects in September. Keep an eye on our website for more information!

Experiencing transgressive behavior connects. We all experience it in some form. It is allowed to be brought out. Evelien wants to emphasize the connection between the dancers. In the realization that they are not alone, they find strength.


Maker Evelien Jansen
Dancers Ayşe Akçakır, Cathalijne Cornelis, Fiona de Jonge, Lotte van Megchelen, Olin Bikker, Savannah Bito, Yadhira de León Matos
Costumes Jorrien Schoneveld
Light Lisette van der Linden
Composition Tom van Wee
Dramaturgy Lisa van den Burg

Mime duo VegeLijf worked towards this short performance over several months. Known for their powerful, visual work, VegeLijf always ask themselves the question: what would we really be like if our bodies had learned nothing and were equal to our minds?


Makers VegeLijf (Luuk Weers & Hali Neto)
Performers Ernanda Brandt, Eveline Suermondt, Fiona de Jonge, Lois Vecchi, Loona Dusser
Costumes Jorrien Schoneveld
Light Wilbert van den Boogert

How do memories work? What do we think we remember and what is colored by what we heard about it later? In preparation for her residency in June at Korzo, Esmée started working with a group of young people with an investigation of how we can show memories and the way we remember on a stage.


Maker Esmée Begemann
Performers Lotte van Megchelen, Nash Peetoom, Olin Bikker, Savannah Bito, Wibien van Haga
Costumes Jorrien Schoneveld
Light Wilbert van den Boogert

Move Your Frame is a multidisciplinary project led by choreographer and filmmaker Constantin Trommlitz in collaboration with CoDarts students. Over several months, they worked towards a short dance film on the theme of 'shame', which will be shown during Any Body, Every Body.


Maker/artistic director Constantin Trommlitz
Choreography Lotte Boonen
Dancers Lotte van Megchelen, Olin Bikker, Savannah Bito

Restlessness exists when people live too close together. Everyone tries to go their own way, until there is no more room to follow your own movements. Eventually you will have to move with the stream, looking for space for your inner self.


Maker Aviva Thijssen
Dancers Eline Bronkhorst, Sweder van Ruijven, Zora Konat

Korzo Zaal + Studio

Event in the past.

Any Body, Every Body


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