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An Evening of Today

A showcase for young new music ensembles and composers

An Evening of today is a showcase for young new music ensembles and composers, and offers a very diverse  picture of today’s music. Imagination is central: in previous editions composers surprised audiences with unusual instrument placing, balloons, table tennis, video, new playing techniques, frayed night club atmospheres, electronics, fake news, a rock band, and visual music without sound. For the 2022 edition, 5 composers present their latest work in which the digital world that seems so familiar to us plays a central part:

  • Alberto Granados:  Earwash  
  • David Ko: stuk in 4 delen voor versterkte instrumenten 
  • Apollonio Maiello: Typing… 
  • Chongliang Yu: Digital Doppelgänger 
  • Ensemble Resilience: ‘on the spot’ 


Alberto Granados – Earwash
More and research results are published on the subject of sensory overload and ‘infobesity’, with great individual and social consequences. Particularly younger generations suffer often and greatly. Before Covind-19, stress was declared by the World Health Organization as the most important epidemic of the 21st century. Washing hands has become commonplace, but how often do we ‘wash’ our ears?

David Ko wrote a new work in four parts for amplified instruments, performed on bass, clarinet, and electronics.

Apollonio Maiello – Typing…
Typing… is an opera in one act on a libretto by Janina Picard. A conflict arises between two sisters when one sister tries to contact the other through WhatsApp. The opera hinges on family feuds and the emotional impact of the pandemic on family life.

Chongliang Yu – Digital Doppelgänger
Meeting digitally has become just as common as meeting face to face in reality. Chongliang Yu ‘exchanges’ the faces of three performers for a monitor. In this piece for performers, visuals and live electronics, the performers communicate with the audience and each other through body language (in reality) and through facial expressions (virtually).

The members of Ensemble Resilience make a new work ‘on the spot’ together with three composers.


About An Evening of Today

From 2013 thru 2018, the Nieuwe Ensemble presented An Evening of Today each spring. Young composers were given a free hand in writing a new work. A real tradition resulted that is now continued in the same spirit after the disbanding of the Nieuwe Ensemble. A yearly changing team of composers, musicians, and artists have now taken the project in hand.


Not the center
Cèlia Tort Pujol, Leonie Strecker, Myrthe Bokelmann, Roma Gavryliuk 

Ensemble Resilience
Paolo Gorini - piano & seaboard | Marco Danesi - klarinet | Natalie Kulina - viool | Tomek Szczepaniak - mater | Gerardo Gozzi componist | Pablo Galaz componist | Rubens Askenar - componist

Katherine Weber - sopraan | Juho Myllylä - blokfluit & elektrisch gitaar | Hessel Moeselaar - altviool & MIDI-pedals | Francisco Martí Hernández - piano

Jesse Debille, Noemi Calzavara, Alberto Granados Reguilón, Irene Comesaña Aguilar (productie enartistiek regisseur)

Korzo Zaal

Event in the past.

An Evening of Today


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