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Event in the past.

Moving Futures Festival: Amour Amour Amour

Creator Alioune Diagne
Duration 10105 min
Part of Moving Futures Festival

Preview of a personal dance solo about love in all its facets

Update: Unfortunately, due to circumstances, this performance cannot take place. Ticketbuyers are notified via email.

Amour. The most beautiful word to exist. The Senegalese dance maker Alioune Diagne looks for love again and again, and continues to question it, shake it, and examine it again.

"L'amour se trouve dans ton intérieur"
— Alioune Diagne

Love is a power that connects people, and goes beyond countries and cultures. In the personal and intimate dance solo Amour Amour Amour, Alioune Diagne makes the different facets of love recognisable. Love as a spiritual source that moves you and can make you more the furthest point. As a source of energy that can charge you. But also love that goes with separation. Of a child that leaves the parental home one day. Of partners that need to let each other go. Of moving to a totally new culture. A personal story of Alioune Diagne in which a Senegalese past is taken to a new future. Let yourself be immersed in love and travel with him.

Amour Amour Amour is Diagne’s third production on this topic. The first version, Amour, was an homage to dancer and choreographer Maurice Béjart. The second version, Amour Amour, was an ode to the stateless Mauritian dancer Pape Fall. Amour Amour Amour is the first production of the maker that will be performed in the Netherlands.


About Alioune Diagne

‘In dance I show my soul, my body, my skin - my story’- Alioune

Dance maker Alioune Diagne originated from Saint-Louis, Senegal, and has been living in the Netherlands for the past five years. As a maker, he shows four faces: dancer, choreographer, visual artist, and programmer. With telling stories about his roots, Alioune Diagne makes the past live in the future. In the past ten years, he has started a multi-disciplinary cultural breeding ground in Saint-Louis, where he annually organises the international Duo Solo Danse festival for contemporary dance. He has also started Association Diagn’Art in which he makes dance productions that are performed all over the world. ‘Amour Amour Amour’ is the first production in collaboration with De Nieuwe Oost.


Concept and Choreography Alioune Diagne
Dancer Alioune Diagne
Composition Jorg Schellekens
Director Leo Spreksel
Costumes and scenography Alioune Diagne
Imagery Edwin Smits
Production De Nieuwe Oost and Stichting Duo Solo Danse
© Edwin Smits
© Edwin Smits

Korzo Studio

Event in the past.

Moving Futures Festival: Amour Amour Amour


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