Ukrainian dancers throw charity event in Korzo

Charity Event Ukraine: Light in Darkness

February the 24th marks a saddening anniversary: the war in Ukraine is officially one year old by then. A war that is still raging to this very day. Ukrainian dancers Veronika Rakitina and Vlad Detiuchenko – who fled Kyiv for The Hague – want to make a difference. In partnership with Korzo, they present a charity event on Tuesday the 21nd of March to raise money for ambulances and medicine. 

Detiuchenko and Rakitina fled their homes in Kyiv last year and ended up in The Hague. Since there’s still no end to the war in their home country, they reached out to Korzo to set up a charity event. ‘I’m no soldier, but I want to fight for the freedom of my country,’ says Detiuchenko. ‘I want to fight for the lives of my fellow Ukrainians. I believe art can play a vital part in this, to show an audience the emotions and intentions of an artist. Art can contribute to a better world. I think that this charity event is a wonderful opportunity to participate in the fight for peace.’

The charity event on Tuesday the 21nd of March hopes to raise money for the ngo Zeilen van Vrijheid. This ngo – recommended by the Ukrainian ambassy in The Hague – works hard to transport ambulances and medicine to Ukraine. Read more about Zeilen van Vrijheid here.

About Vlad and Veronika

Vlad Detiuchenko (1996) and Veronika Rakitina (1998) are professional dancers, previously based in Kyiv. Detiuchenko is a choreographer and dancer. He used to dance with the Kyiv Modern Ballet and toured the country of Ukraine with his own company n’Era Dance Company. Veronika Rakitina danced with the Kyiv Opera Ballet and met Detiuchenko when he created a choreography for the ballet. In March 2022, Rakitina came to the Netherlands. Detiuchenko travelled here a few months later. ‘I don’t like to be reminded of that time,’ tells Rakitina. ‘I had to leave Vlad behind, without knowing if I ever would see him again. My life hasn’t been the same since I came to the Netherlands.’ Shortly after Rakitina left, it became a necessity for Detiuchenko to leave aswell. ‘I saw death all around me. My first priority was to make sure Veronika was safe. I’m very happy we’re together now, here in The Hague.’

The couple lives in the old building of the Conservatorium in the Hague. ‘We’re very grateful that we can stay here,’ says Rakitina. ‘The Dutch people have made us feel very welcome. Life seems normal, but we know it isn’t. Some days we hear troubling news from Ukraine, like that time when a bomb fell very close to the house of Vlad’s parents house. Moments like this make it hard to be here.’

Back on a stage

Detiuchenko and Rakitina hope the charity event will draw a large crowd. ‘Being in the Netherlands hasn’t change my desire to keep dreaming, loving, to develop myself and to share my art with people,’ Detiuchenko tells. ‘I’m very much looking forward to dance on a stage again and I hope the event will be a big success.’

The night will be curated by Detiuchenko and Rakitina. During this event, Detiuchenko will present some of his own pieces, as he and Rakitina will perform in several ones of them aswell. Korzo-maker Rutkay Özpinar and Maciej Kuźmiński will also join with some of their own work. Read more about the event here; ticket sales have started. 

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Benefiet voor Oekraine This timeslot is sold out

A charity event that hopes to offer some light in the darkness

20.30 - 22.00

Korzo Zaal

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