Rutkay's journey in Hannover

Korzo maker Rutkay Özpinar travelled to Hannover at the beginning of March to collaborate with Guy Weizman (Club Guy & Roni), Noord Nederlands Toneel and Schauspiel Hannover to shoot an impressive theatrefilm. Next to his dance talent he explored new ground during this project, acting. We asked him to share his experience with us. Read the blogpost Rutkay wrote about his two weeks in Hannover below. Enjoy your read!

If allow yourself to be vulnerable and open up, you can achieve greatness with each other.

In the beginning of March i traveled to Hannover to dance in a new theatre film directed by Guy Weizman (Club Guy & Roni, Noord Nederlands Toneel) i.c.w. Schauspielhaus Hannover. We had two weeks to rehearse and record. I knew I had busy days ahead, but you are never fully prepared for the hectic times you are about to face. Within two weeks we rehearsed and recorded a film! Too crazy for words, but an amazing reality. 

The first week we rehearsed with six actors. Dance and theatre play intertwined. Every actor developed their own character. My character as a dancer developed into an angel/slave of Dionysus that takes pleasure in sorrow. The oriental movements shaped a type of cynicism since the pleasure showed in the beauty between suspense and horror that the actors experienced. So feminine within a male body. I found it incredible as a dancer to dive into a character and make it come to life. And even more fun! Next to being a dancer and choreographer, I am in love with acting. This time it happened. I only had a few lines but I completely embraced the role. It's a start.

Next to dancing, I also assisted Guy Weizman by giving warming ups and dance classes to the actors. I also helped them to develop movements that they could add to their character. This happened within the guidelines of Guy Weizman.

In Hannover I shared an apartment with Joris Suk, the costume designer. And not just any costume designer! Joris is one of the designers of Maison the Faux. If you are familiar within the world of fashion you know who they are. I felt enriched by his beautiful soul by living with him in Hannover. You don't meet someone you can completely be yourself around and feel at ease everyday. It was also special to Joris in his work and the costumes he gathered. Nothing was too crazy or weird! With his incredible creativity he breaks the boundaries of what is 'normal'. This man does not work in fashion for nothing, he lives and breathes it, he is fashion.

Never in my life I experience a project like this. It is crazy what we manifested within two weeks. Every day I saw different scenes and sets. How is this even possible? With a director like Guy Weizman and the incredible team he fully trusts. Everyone had faith in each other. What I think it going to make this movie special is that all actors followed their own instincts within the dance and the movement. Of course, we did have to memorise our lines and had a clear structure of scenes and roles. As actors and dancers, we did not have time to take weeks of months to capture everything in full detail. Our instincts made sure we absorbed all the energy and information and gave it all to completely immerse in our characters. This collaboration was very special! Every scene worked well. Guy Weizman simply knew what he was doing and you could fel that. Because everything went so fast and because of our drives everyone allowed themselves to be vulnerable and really went for it. We inspired each other in order to raise the bar for everyone and bring everything to the next level. When I say we, I mean the artists, the director, stage designer, costume designer, cameraman, sound technician, other technicians, assistants, dramaturgy and more.

If you allow yourself to be vulnerable and open up you can achieve greatness with each other. This is the life lesson I took with me from this beautiful experience. This was an unforgettable experience for me which I will always carry with me. Every moment was inspiring and enriched me as an artist. I am immensely grateful to Guy Weizman. What a special human being. I also feel grateful to have worked with and have ment  those beautiful people.

Looking forward to the future!

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