Korzo podcast: Sounds from the Cypher

Korzo presents: Sounds from the Cypher!

Korzo presents a new podcast series where we talk with creatives, teachers, and performers about the definition of urban and delve deeper into the different worlds of their dance styles.

Cypher is a term from the (underground) dance community, meaning a circle of dancers where connection and exchange are central. Here, dancers are free to move and express themselves. Sounds from the Cypher takes you into this safe and secure cypher to exchange knowledge and get new inspiration.


Guest speakers: Leal van Herwaarden, Sheree Lenting  
Key figures: Lloyd Marengo, Mellery Garcia Turbi, Aruna Vermeulen, King Charles

The word ‘urban’ is often used as a collective term for certain dance styles, but is this word used correctly? Responses to the term ‘urban’ or ‘urban dance’ vary in the dance community. In the first instalment of Sounds from the Cypher, we discuss the word ‘urban’ and its usage with Leal van Herwaarden and Sheree Lenting. In addition to these two experts, opinions of other key figures in the scene are presented in this open dialogue.


Guest speakers: Lloyd Marengo, Hassani le Couvreur

Is it human or is it a robot?! That’s the impression you could get from watching the dance style Popping. Popping is a very disciplined dance style that features absolute controle over all the body’s muscles. In this instalment of Sounds from the Cypher, Korzo talks to Popping artists from two different generations. These two guest speakers are familiar names from the battle scene as well as the theatre scene; this results in an interesting interaction. Get acquainted with Popping together with Lloyd Marengo and Hassani le Couvreur.

Waacking and Vogue

Guest speakers: Sarada Sarita, Shahin Damka

The dance styles Waacking and Vogue are often mentioned together as if they were one and the same dance style. “But they look so alike?!”. Nothing could be further from the truth! That’s why in this instalment of Sounds from the Cypher, we talk with two key figures in these dance styles: Sarada Sarita and Shahin Damka were first in line when Waacking came to the Netherlands, followed by the advance of the Dutch ballroom scene. Due in part to their involvement as instructors and performers, they both paved the way from the first generation in these dance styles for many who followed. Sarada Sarita even pushed it to the next level with her theatre performance Q4: Quantified and the coming Waacking series Q5: The Quintessentials where Shahin also shines as a performer.


Guest speakers: Diogo Nogueira, Conni Trommlitz, Zino Schat

Together with the b-boys of Fractal Collective, Zino and Conny, and Diogo from Heavy Hitters, we enter the fiery battle scene of breaking in this instalment of Sounds from the Cypher. It is interesting that all these b-boys also brought breaking  into the theatres. And did you know that from the Paris Olympic Games in 2024 Breaking will be an official olympic sport? You can expect an interesting dialogue on breaking from the battle scene, theatre, and a preview of the Olympic Games.

The sound quality of the podcast may be uneven. Yet we find it important to share this podcast with you and hope it will not diminish the experience.

Concept: Joëlle Raus Prudence, Sachi Rihal
Hosts: Sachi Rihal, Therese Sahlin
Edit: A-live Story 
Recording: BL studios 
Music Production: BL studios

Sounds from the Cypher is a podcast series by Korzo, powered by Fonds Podiumkunsten.

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