Korzo launches platform Studio X!

Korzo launches 3D platform: Korzo Studio X

Korzo misses the audience, makers, dancers and performers very much. But the ‘Days of Corona’ have also accelerated innovative plans: on 28 January, Korzo launches Korzo Studio X. An in-house online platform that starts together with the online edition of the CaDance festival. Jan van Zanen, mayor of The Hague will perform the opening ceremony.

Korzo Studio X adds a virtual space to the Korzo building. It means the addition of an online production house that is open to visitors 24 hours a day. An extra location where the public can get more information about Korzo’s dance and circus makers, for which new programs will be developed and festivals can be attended online. Korzo Studio X is not meant as a replacement of what we already have and dearly love, but an exciting new addition.

Studio X: Xperience | Xplore | Xpand | Xtra

The X in Studio Korzo X is like a mark on a (digital) map. Here you will find a new performance space where, in coming years, a surprising and innovative program will be developed.

Enter via x.korzo.nl and you will immediately realize that you are not on a ‘flat’ website, but a virtual location designed in 3D. Look around in the various spaces available: do you want to know more about Korzo’s creatives in images, text, and sound? Then visit the virtual production house. In the pop-up space you can find current festivals, programs, and context programs. You can also listen to podcasts and watch broadcasts made in the media café. In the virtual theatre auditorium you can enjoy our livestreams. Studio X will be expanded with innovative programs and exhibitions. You are warmly invited and special digital equipment or skills are not required to enjoy what’s on offer!



Sustainable and inclusive
With Studio X, Korzo in The Hague is one of the leaders of innovation in the Netherlands and internationally in the development and presentation of the performing arts. Anyone who is not able to come to Korzo because of distance or other restrictions can still enjoy an inspiring selection of performances from Korzo and programs specially made for Korzo.

Launch by the mayor of The Hague during CaDance.
Mayor Jan van Zanen will launch Studio X officially during the opening night of CaDance on 28 January 2021. Follow the opening via this link. After the opening, you can experience CaDance until 7 February from your living room! In the new online 3D environment livestreams and films are available, as well as background information on the festival, podcasts. You can also follow table discussions with creatives and guests.

Enter Studio X

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