Korzo in the BIS

Today, the Council for Culture published their recommendations for 2021-2024. They recommended the Minister of the Ministery of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) to include Korzo in the Basisinfrastructuur (BIS) for perennial, government-subsidised, cultural institutions. Korzo is incredibly happy with this recommendations and feels honoured to fulfill this role within the BIS. Of course we are also considerate towards the organisations that received a negative advice during these tough times. Nonetheless I am extremely proud of all the Korzo staff with whom we shaped the new policy ‘Huis in beweging’ (House of Movement).

Together with the previously received positive advice from the Municipality of The Hague, it means that Korzo will be able to pursue its plans to its full potential for the following four years. In these bizarre times it is pleasant to hear that there is a huge trust in a brighter future in which we can give our makers the space to develop themselves and simultaneously surprise and inspire the audience with performances filled with dance, circus, physical theatre and music. Korzo is here and back to move you!

- Gemma Jelier, managing director Korzo


The advice of the Council for Culture:

‘Korzo is the only positivily assessed applicant within the dance field. The Council believes that the establishment is a leading pioneer in the contemporary dance culture in the Netherlands.’ The Council is profoundly positive regarding the quality of the guidance trajectories within Korzo and look forward to the developments of the new group of makers. They are also positive regarding the room that is being  provided to the midcareers. Korzo has a pleasant broad view of dance and movement and opens its doors to adjecent disciplines. The Council recommends to honour the application of Korzo. In the positively assessed applications there are no other institutions that are specifically focusing on circus (theatre). Therefore, the Council is excited to see that circus plays an imporant role in the program of Korzo.

For more information and the complete recommendation to www.raadvoorcultuur.nl

This is a non official translation of the original Dutch recommendations.


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