Compact India Dance Festival online: 5-9 May

The spotlight each day on one creative in Korzo Studio X

Once again in 2021, Korzo will program the India Dance Festival entirely online. The public at home in The Netherlands and abroad can enjoy a compact interim edition of this biennial festival by visiting the online 3D platform Korzo Studio X.

From 5 thru 9 May, the India Dance Festival goes in-depth. Each day, one dance maker is put center stage in a program that shows a combination of new creations, contemporary and classical dance styles. This is accompanied by a sparkling context program in the Pop-Up Room of Studio X. The context program includes elements such as live after talks with national and international guests.



During the opening night the Bharatanatyam talent from The Hague, Poernima Gobardhan, presents the premiere of My Pitṛs. Gobardhan previously made an impression at the IDF with her unconventional ‘Bharatanatyam meets contemporary’ solo Mātā, that in 2020 was acclaimed as one of the best dance performances of the year in The Netherlands by Dutch national newspaper Trouw.

Powerhouse Kuchipudi dancer Bhavana Reddy is currently working from India on her virtual residence with festival curator Leo Spreksel. This sort of online residence is unique for the festival and has been arranged as a substitute for Reddy’s postponed residence of 2020. Reddy will present the results of her explorations on 8 May. In addition to this premiere, she will also present a classical Kuchipudi work.

Two surprising works will be shown by established choreographer Kalpana Raghuraman where dance and live music meet. Tara is a compelling, eclectic duet between the much-favoured dancer Indu Panday’s Kathak and Bharatanatyam and Mark Haanstra’s bass guitar and looping station.

In Fluïde, the Indian song of Shashwathi Jagdish and breakdancer Denden Karadeniz come together in an exploration of vulnerability versus force.

A resident of Belgium, Sooraj Subramaniam will make an appearance with a varied triple bill program where the public can enjoy his versatile physicality and expression in a program with contemporary work and classical Odissi.

The festival concludes on Sunday afternoon 9 May with a program for and with the Indian dance community in the Netherlands. An afternoon filled with inspiration, exchange and discussions which hopefully will whet the public’s appetite for the next complete edition of the festival in 2022. The afternoon program will be compiled jointly with IDF partners De Nieuwe Regentes and Laaktheater.


A wide international audience expected for the online edition

The India Dance Festival, which has it’s home base in The Hague, has for years been one of the largest events for Indian dance in Europe that attracts international attention. When the festival was suddenly converted into an online edition because of the Corona restrictions in 2020, it became clear how much interest there was, especially in India, to follow the developments.


India Dance Film Festival

Korzo celebrates the rich culture and dance of India during the Indian Dance Festival. From Kathak to urban and from Bharatanatyam to contemporary dance; Korzo presents leading and fresh beginning talents from home and abroad. Inspiring performances by major international artists are alternated with refreshing, modern in-house productions. The 2021 online edition also has room for the local dance community to meet, present work and attend workshops.


Korzo Studio X

With Korzo Studio X, a virtual space is added to the Korzo building which can be visited 24 hours a day from the comfort of your own home. It is an extra location where the public can get to know more about dance and circus makers associated with Korzo, where new programs will be developed, and where you can attend festivals online, such as the India Dance Festival. There are various spaces in Studio X. Visit the virtual production house to get to know more about creatives associated with Korzo. In the Pop-Up Room you can find current festivals, programs and context programs. Podcasts are available, as well as tickets, and you can screen broadcasts made in the media café. In the virtual theatre auditorium, you can enjoy livestreams and the on-demand program. Experience it all x.korzo.nl.

Go to Studio X

The entire program is now online on www.indiadansfestival.nl.Tickets are also available via the website.

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