India Dance Festival
India Dance Festival
The Rite of Spring

Seeta Patel’s Rite of Spring - A Brief Look Behind the Scenes


20.15 - 20.28 at your home

Event in the past.
Choreography Seeta Patel
Duration 13 min
Style Contemporary

Exclusive docu film about the creation process with live Q&A


Award winning choreographer Seeta Patel reimagines this iconic ballet in the powerful classical Indian dance style Bharatanatyam. Igor Stravinsky’s avant-garde score stunned Paris audiences when it debuted in 1913 and has been hugely influential ever since. Rite of Spring was scheduled to be the opening of the India Dance Festival 2020.

Instead of the live version, Seeta Patel has created a short documentary about the creation process, specially for the online edition of the festival. This film will premiere on Saturday 9 May at the Facebook Event of the India Dance Festival and can be watched exclusively at the festival until 1 June.


Seeta Patel
Seeta Patel Dance
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