India Dance Festival
India Dance Festival



16.00 - 16.35 at your home

Event in the past.
Choreography & dance Renjith & Vijna
Production Korzo
Duration 35 min
Style Contemporary

Celebrating the history of the India Dance Festival

Taru is a celebration to the challenging but beautiful life process of creation and growth. Taking the taru (tree in Sanskrit) as a symbol of strength and a silent witness of human life, this contemporary work focuses on the concept of growth through two parallels: the growth of a tree and creation through the unity of complementary male and female energies. Shiva or Purusha symbolises the masculine energy and consciousness, while Shakti or Prakruti symbolises the feminine principle and the activating power. According to Indian philosophy and spirituality, Shiva & Shakti, joined in union are manifestations of Shivam, or the all-in-one divine consciousness. When these two energies combine, it brings forth a fluctuating spectacle marking creation.

Taru combines the dance vocabulary of Bharatanatyam with contemporary dance and goes beyond the compositional grammar of the traditional form. Still, the philosophical layer that is characteristic of classical Bharatanatyam, is remained. It also inspires to hear and adhere to the voices of even inanimate elements of nature. Taru urges us to reassess our relationships with ourselves and our surroundings.


Choreography & dance
Renjith & Vijna
Leo Spreksel
Music compilation
Leo Spreksel & Peter Lemmens
Light design
Albert Tulling
Supported by
Kylián Foundation
Thanks to
Janneke van Stroe, Samir Calixto
Robert Benschop


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