India Dance Festival
India Dance Festival



20.00 - 20.40 at your home

Event in the past.
Artists Hari & Chethana
Production Korzo
Duration 40 min
Style Contemporary

Celebrating the history of the India Dance Festival

Hari & Chethana are well-known guests at the India Dance Festival. In 2020 they were booked to perform a Kathak duet at the Laaktheater and a special solo by Chethana at Korzo. Instead of that, Korzo is showing the piece they created during their five week residency in 2016: Ayush. Under the choreographic guidance of artistic leader Leo Spreksel they created this Indian contemporary dance based on the Kathak dance language.

India is known for it’s life philosophy and healing method Ayurveda. At the core of Ayurvedic philosophy is the concept of the three body types or doshas, which are biological energies derived from the five universal elements (fire, water, earth, wind and ether) and their related properties. Ayurveda distinguishes three doshas: 1) Vata, which is composed of space and air; 2) Pitta, which is composed of fire and water; and finally 3) Kapha, which is composed of earth and water.

Ayush is a contemporary work based on these three different body types, their balance and imbalance, their strengths and weaknesses - exposed, resonated and aligned. 


Hari & Chethana and Sirisha Irudaya Raj
Leo Spreksel
Music compilation
Leo Spreksel, Peter Lemmens, Simone Giacomini
World premiere
28 October 2016, Korzo, The Hague (NL) / India Dance Festival
Light design
Peter Lemmens


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