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Dancelab NY

Dancelab NY


Fri 19 May | 20.00 - 21.00

Korzo Livestream

Annalee Traylor

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Working on a project together via Zoom, even if there is an ocean in between: Korzo's in-house creative Rutkay Özpinar has done it before. In 2022, he collaborated with dancers from the US on an online exchange study with Dance Lab New York. For CaDance Festival 2023 the roles are going to be reversed. US choreographer Annalee Traylor will work with dancers who are based here in The Netherlands and Europe. On May 19th at 20:00 ‎(UTC+2)‎, you can watch the presentation.  

In 2022 Rutkay was invited by Dance Lab New York to spend a week working on remote choreography, with Rutkay in The Hague and rehearsals in New York. The private rehearsals took place via Zoom and the presentation - also via Zoom - was open to everyone. An exciting online project that will continue during CaDance. US choreographer Annalee Traylor will work from California through Zoom with dancers in The Hague. Rutkay operates as a rehearsal director.

About Annalee Traylor
Annalee Traylor is an interdisciplinary freelance creator, choreographer, and director. Her work has been presented nationally and abroad in LA, NYC, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Seattle, Houston, Temecula, Battle Lake, Durham, the Netherlands, Italy, and Portugal, among others. She has been commissioned and awarded residencies by Kennesaw State University, Periapsis Music and Dance, The Dance Gallery Festival, and Highways Performance Space. Other commissions include Texture Contemporary Ballet, Houston Contemporary II, Point Park University International Summer Dance, Dance Canvas, and Voices Carry Inc. She holds an MFA in Choreography from the California Institute of the Arts

About Dance Lab New York
Dance Lab New York is the first and only independent non-profit dedicated to promoting the art form of choreography by gifting vital tools, resources, and support to a wide range of dance makers. DLNY champions self expression, collaboration, and risk-taking in an environment of complete creative freedom. DLNY adapted its Lab Cycle model to a digital platform called Nexus Labs - where choreographic incubation and technology intersect.


Time schedule
20:00-20:10 - Introduction by Josh Prince
20:10- 20:40 - Sharing and discussion of Work-In-Progress with Annalee Traylor and Josh Prince
20:40- 21:00 - Q&A from audience.



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