Korzo was Corso

Celebrating 40 years of an adventurous theater

It’s going to be a year-long fiesta, because in 2024 Korzo will celebrate its 40 year anniversary. Yes, it was that long ago when a bunch of squatters made a defunct film house called Corso their home and transformed it into the theater we now know and love: Korzo. In the past few years, Korzo has emerged as a place of abundant, dynamic programming, not to mention having developed as a production house for emerging talent. Which means we will bring out all the stops to celebrate this landmark year!

Support Korzo

Support Korzo and donate to our talent development induction prize.

Art costs money, and money isn’t something we always have. The constant thread within Korzo’s history has always been handling our finances as creatively as possible, and to be a sanctuary where talent has an opportunity to develop. That’s why we kindly ask you to donate, so we can continue to support new artists and makers.

Now you are probably wondering how we are going to invest those savings. Well, for one, in the prize money for the Leo Spreksel Award, which celebrated its inaugural addition in 2018 as a special sendoff for longtime Korzo-director Leo Spreksel – an ode to his continued support for the artform of dance and his passion for developing Dutch talent within that field.

This induction prize will be given by Leo to a young dance artist of note, who will win a residency at Korzo under Leo’s supervision. In 2019, choreography-duo Christian Yav & Sedrig Verwoert had the honors, and in 2021 the prize went to Justin de Jager. Last year the Leo Spreksel Award went to Faizah Grootens.


Donate an amount through this link  (Tikkie)


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