1. Quality doesn’t exist. Impact does.

Quality is defined differently by everyone, which is why – without proper context – this word tends to cause confusion. There is not one standard for quality. We at Korzo believe in performances that – above all – have a profound effect on you. Performances that compel you to move. That’s why we prefer to address the impact of a performance over the quality.


2. Art needs to ask questions.

Performances at Korzo ask questions rather than (re)affirm answers. You won't find self-affirming art, such as a traditionally performed rendition of Swan Lake or Hamlet, at Korzo.


3. Korzo isn’t for everybody

Just to be clear: Korzo doesn’t exclude anyone. But at the same time, we also realize we aren’t here to please everyone. We make choices, and those choices have consequences. It’s impossible for everyone to be relevant, so we focus on certain target audiences.


4. We never ask you if you thought a performance was good.

For us, it’s more important how you experience something than how you judge it. At Korzo we don’t just develop the work of artists, but our audience’s experience as well.


5. The audience is as much part of a performance as the makers.

Art is something we create together. Without an audience to experience it, a performance isn’t a performance. Each experience holds equal weight. We make no distinction between maker, audience and personnel.


6. Transparency is a must.

Our goal is to be as transparent as possible in the choices we make. We do that by drawing up criteria that not only determine these choices in our programming, but make them public. These are the parameters Korzo has set.


7. The audience can see it all.

Do you want a tour through the building or a sneak peek of a specific area? Or witness the Making Of a performance in an Open Studio? We don’t just consider the performances as art, but the development of said performances as well. Which means the development of these performances are openly accessible to our audience.


8. Mi Casa es tu casa.

Mi casa es tus casa. Our building is open for use for everyone. Our lobby (and wi-fi connection) is accessible for all visitors daily and we eagerly share our knowledge and expertise by, for example, organizing free workshops.


9. So what moves you?

Like any organization, Korzo has its blind spots, and we are always available for feedback and advice on how we can do things differently or better.

This means we’ll leave this final bullet point for you to fill in:


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