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Sat 27 May | 16.00 - 18.00

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This performance plays multiple times a day

Ticket price
€ 0 - € 25

Event in the past.

New during CaDance! Take a tour with Reroute through the center of The Hague and step from one mini-performance into the next, created by the newest generation of creatives. 

Reroute takes about two hours and plays several times in one day.

Sold-out shows:
Saturday May 27th  (only tickets left for 21:00)
Sunday May 28th 15:00

This walking route takes you past performances at unexpected locations. You will discover hidden stories and surprising combinations. Everyday traffic transforms into choreography, a fashion show becomes a form of protest, Hiphop meets classical music and all in the heart of The Hague. More info about the performances will be announced soon.

Good to know: do you have mobility issues but would you still like to join Reroute? Get in touch with us at to explore how we can create an optimal experience for you. 


Guri is a dance performance, where the theme of feeling at home with another is explored through music and dance.

Choreography: Mohamed Yusuf Boss ism. dancers
Dance: Ser Serbico, Shara Maaskant
Composer: Rik van den Heuvel 


Photosynthesis is an ode to summer. In which three dancers and a violinist explore the three elements of photosynthesis to an innovative version of Vivaldi's l'estate.

Choreography: Tim Kromhout
Dancers: Toby Tanate, Tim Kromhout, Bonne von Brucken Fock in collaboration with Haags Hiphop Centrum
Arranger/musician: Luna Hallenga


"Liberty" is about the freedom you felt as a child right before going to sleep. In the twilight zone between waking and sleeping, reality and fantasy, knowing that everything will be all right, in security - that's where the best dreams are born, that's where anything is possible.

Text, music and costume: Djuwa Mroivili

Pan~// Catwalk 55+

What versions of yourself are all hanging in your closet? From worn-out denim jacket to extravagant glitter dress, our clothes are an expression of who we are, want to be, and sometimes need to be. Under the direction of performance company Zwermers, the performers of Broedplaats Huis van Vervoering bring an ode to their own versatility.

Concept: Zwermers
Artistic supervision: Inez Wolters, Paul van de Waterlaat, Annoushka Claassens
Composer: Wouter de Belder
Musician: Antonio Allemanno
Performers: Lidy van Beurden, Anita Haas, Marianne den Otter-Jacobs, Truus de Rouw, Marja van Starrenburg, Dieuwke Sytsema, Francisca Tan, Martje Verhagen, Anastasia Vervoorn, Nicoline Zemering.
Photographer: Jostijn Ligtvoet
Business coordination Huis van Vervoering: Marije van Rest
Thanks to: Lang Leve Kunst Fonds, Gemeente Den Haag, Fonds 1818 and Cultuurschakel and all volunteers.


This dance crescendo is inspired by the character and movements of a big city. From the hurried rush hour to the quieter Monday night vibe.


Choreography: Kathrin Gramelsberger
Dancers: Femke van der Burg, Karina Michewicz, Dhivya Muralidaran
Venue managers: Lara Sluiter, Aviva Thijssen
Music: Black Coffee - Inkodlo Kamashimane

Starting point: Korzo, The Hague
Be at Korzo at least half an hour in advance. The route will start on time and after departure of the route it will not be possible to join. The route will also end at Korzo. Reroute will continue even if it rains.
More practical information about parking and accessibility can be found on the website:

Route and duration
You will see 5 performances (of about 15 minutes) at 5 different locations in the center of The Hague. The route is walked on foot with a route guide and takes about 2 hours. Be wise and put on sturdy walking shoes, a warm jacket and rain gear if necessary. Halfway there is a small break where there is something to drink and a small sweet. There are also toilet facilities here. A bottle of water is of course allowed with the walk.

Be aware that horses will be present at one of the locations. 

Wheelchair accessible?
Reroute is wheelchair accessible, however at one location the visibility is slightly less. Please let us know at least two days in advance that you are coming so we can take you into account as much as possible.

Do you have difficulty walking?
Expect a total route of about 2.7 km between 5 locations and climbing stairs at locations. You will also sometimes have to stand at a performance. If you have difficulty walking, please contact us to let us know so we can try to find the best solution possible. 

Still have questions?
Feel free to call our box office and service desk: 070-3637540.




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