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Thu 18 May | 21.00 - 22.00

Korzo Zaal

OFF Projects

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Experience your own unique version of this hypnotic mosaic of poetry, dance, and live music

The opening night of the CaDance festival sees the world premiere of Songs and Silences, a fascinating new concept by OFFProjects, a collective of former NDT and Batsheva dancers concentrated around the work of Amos Ben-Tal. In this performance, you decide when you come in and how long you stay. 

Songs and Silences combines Amos Ben-Tal’s three primary forms of expression: choreography music, and the spoken word. During the evening, eight performers present a series of dance solos, poems, and works for guitar (performed live by Amos), all creating a hypnotic mosaic. Which parts of the series you see is essentially up to you. 

After the succes of PART and Interval, the former nominated for the SWAN prize for Best Dance Production, the latter mentioned in the top 5 of the Parool’s favourite performances of 2022; Songs and Silences is again definitely something to look forward to. 


Please note that when you buy a ticket, you choose your start time. How long you stay is up to you (we recommend a visit of at least 45-60 minutes). In this way, each visitor creates their own unique experience. Both personally, and together with each other. Songs and Silences invites you to embark on a journey with yourself, other audiences and the artists in search of new perspectives.


On Thursday, May 18th the performance ends at 22:30
On Friday, May 19th, the performance ends at 22:15

OFFprojects is a collective that creates multidisciplinary performances and live events using dance, music, spoken word, and image with an out-of-the-box approach. The group consists of former dancers from the Nederlands Dans Theater and Batsheva Ensemble who have congregated around the work of choreographer and musician Amos Ben-Tal. OFFprojects believes in performances that are physical and multi-layered, and that give food for thought. They find it important to speak to a broad audience with their work. 

The versatile creatives are often on the lookout for collaborations that inspires them to find new forms for their creations. This resulted in the prize-winning dance performance/talkshow Howl (Dioraphte dance prize 2016) created with Spinvis, which premiered during the opening night of the CaDance Festival. They worked for two years on a series of pieces and installations under the title of 60, a project about the perception of time. With Interval (2021) they explored the relation between dance and architecture in a performance that was nominated for a SWAN prize for Best Dance Production during the Nederlands Dansdagen. In their most recent production PART, they shared the stage with the musicians of the Ragazze quartet and sound designer Salvador Breed. 



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