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Mind over Matter

Mind over Matter


Sat 20 May | 21.50 - 22.20

Korzo Studio

Constantin Trommlitz

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€ 0 - € 12

Event in the past.

* The first performance at 20:30 is sold out. However, there are still tickets available for the second performance at 21:50. Would you like to see Mind over Matter as well as Arise, buy a combi-ticket below.

Exhaustive duet sensitively exposes the consequences of having and experiencing a compulsive personality disorder.

You may already know Constantin Trommlitz as one of the passionate dancers, filmmakers and forces behind Fractal Collective, which has a place within Korzo.

With his first performance of his own, Constantin challenges himself and his audience in multiple ways. Mind over matter is a highly personal work about the effects of living with obsessive compulsions; what it means for the person suffering from it, but also how numbing and frustrating it can be for their loved ones. How does it feel for them to not be seen, not to be acknowledged? 

Dance inspired by the styles breaking and contemporary meets technology in an exhausting duet of two dancers under the all-seeing eye of a pair of drones.

During the Virtual Residency of the Dutch Dance Days, Constantin already researched this topic through the medium of film. This performance is the next step, translating the insights he has gained to the stage.

Mind over Matter is a coproduction between Korzo and Another Kind of Blue


Save €5,- when you buy a combi-ticket for Mind over Matter & Arise: 

21:00 - 21:30: Arise - Astrid Boons
21:50 - 22:20: Mind over Matter - Constantin Trommlitz

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