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Sun 21 May | 19.00 - 20.00

Korzo Zaal

Daniel Mariblanca

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€ 0 - € 18

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71 personal stories embodied in movement.

Dancer and choreographer Daniel Mariblanca is not a complete unknown in the Dutch dance scene. But still not well-known enough according to us. His not-to-be-missed solo 71 BODIES 1DANCE is a perfect fit for this edition of the CaDance festival program, where worlds come together. It is our pleasure to introduce this creative artist to The Hague! 

For Daniel, his own transitional period from woman to trans male was the right moment to start his own transgender inclusive dance company. Inspired by encounters with 71 transgender persons from all over Europe, Daniel developed the concept that led to 71BODIES 1DANCE. 

Everyone who goes into transition takes a very personal journey. Daniel makes the subject tangible in a very humane way, arouses curiosity and brings insight. But primarily, he dances, ‘in the full glory of his own body,’ as newspaper Trouw eloquently described. 

Daniel Mariblanca was born in Barcelona and currently lives in Bergen, Norway where he is part of Carte Blanche, the national company for contemporary dance. This was preceded by a professional dance career of fifteen years in Europe, after graduating from L’institut del Theatre in Barcelona. 

From the time he danced with Carte Blanche, Daniel started his on dance company 71BODIES. With his company, Mariblanca uses dance and performance as a means to give artistic expression to the personal stories and experiences of people not part of the mainstream in order to find other ways of appreciating beauty. 



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