Audition alert! Q5: The Quintessentials

Korzo creative and choreographer Sarada Sarita is looking for Waacking dancers and performers for her new theatre piece Q5: The Quintessentials.

About Q5: The Quintessentials

Q5: The Quintessentials is A Waacking Dance & Music Theater Performance about the Essence of the Essence. What is Quintessential to us? In search of the essence of the essence > ‘The Quintessentials;" The waacking dancers & performers journey through these questions in full colours. Diving into different visions of culture, community, connection & communication perspectives shift. What do we preserve and protect? What is essential? What is Quintessential?

Q5: The Quintessentials is inspired by 'Waacking' or also known as ‘Whacking' or 'Punking & Posing.’ From movement, music, history, technique, culture > all layers come to play in the journey of preservation & protection of the essentials in Q5: The Quintessentials.


Practical information

Workshop audition days
25th 26th & 27th of September at Korzo.

The Q5 Cast will consist of small select group of performers, so the right combination will be essential! That’s why we are doing a 3 day workshop audition process. After every day there may or may not be a selection made to continue to the next day. Our apologies for the inconvenience this may cause. 

Q5: The Quintessentials will be touring from February till April 2021.

+/- 30 rehearsal days spread from November till February.
The piece premieres on Saturday February 6th.


  • A strong understanding & foundation in Waacking/Whacking/Punking Technique, Movement Expression, Music, Culture & History.
  • A minimum of 3 years, consistent practise & training in the style & culture.
  • Strong Musicality! Ability to play with different interpretations of the music.
  • Ability to perform, express, portrait & transfer emotions, characters & stories in movement and on stage.
  • Teamplayer. Ability to connect to other performers in the creative process and on stage in a respectful way. Always keeping the bigger picture in mind > the magic is created together! 

Apply and contact

Send your picture, video & CV before September 19 to audition.q5@gmail.com and we will reply a.s.a.p. with more information about the workshop audition.


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