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On this page you will find everything about publicity, technical matters and who to contact if you have questions about contracts or how many guest tickets you have. Still have questions? Then contact the various departments.

General & Box Office info@korzo.nl
Marketing & Communicatie publiciteit@korzo.nl
Marketing & Communications crosstown@korzo.nl
Technical department techniek@korzo.nl
Sales stats borderel@korzo.nl


Would you like to perform in Korzo? Please contact our programmers.


Download Tech info - Korzo zaal

Download Tech info - Korzo studio



For interviews, press tickets and photo material, please contact Mitchell-Lee van Rooij via: Mitchell@korzo.nl | 070-363 75 40

Check out our press website with press releases and photos.

To our press website


Artists can simply pass through our regular front door at Prinsestraat 42.

There is room for a truck (or car) on the backside of our premises. Please report to our rear entrance on the Nobelstraat. Ring the bell for the reception desk via the intercom. A member of staff will open the gate for you. If you come with more than one truck, please ask our staff where you can park the other car(s).

You can use the kitchen on the 1st floor. Here you will find fridges, microwaves, ovens and gas cookers to prepare your own meals. Korzo does not provide catering, but we can of course help you find useful contacts.

A member of reception staff will show you to your changing room(s). The doors work with a number combination and there are lockers available.

In principle, Korzo does not print daily programmes or programme sheets.

Please submit your guest and companion cards to the reception desk at info@korzo.nl.


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