Antonin Rioche

Born in Angers, France, Antonin Rioche grew up watching dance. His mum had a true passion for dance and took him to see shows from a very early age. He always knew he wanted to be a choreographer but...

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Astrid Boons

The Flemish Astrid Boons is deliberate and modest, but radical in her work. She sees movement as a natural form for everyone and dance is a way for her to approach life. Through dance, Boons...

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Fractal Collective

 Fractal Collective is a foundation of four like minded individuals that value urban arts as a form of expression. We believe that urban inspired dance, music and film exceed merely impressing an...

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Michael Zandl

Michael Zandl grew up in a small village in the Austrian Alps. His introduction to acrobatics and movement were made through exploring a variety of outdoor sports. As a young teenager, he started to...

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Rutkay Özpinar

IntroductionRutkay Özpinar has a broad background in hip-hop, breakdance, Turkish folk dance, classical ballet, and modern dance. He has experienced unique developments during his career that have...

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Sarada Sarita

Sarada Sarita (1987), originates from a family of dancers and was one of the firsts to introduce voguing in The Netherlands. This style emerged in the Black and Latinx LGBTQIA+ community in Harlem,...

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Rizoom's mission is to drive innovation across the full spectrum of contemporary music culture. Its core activity is to guide, develop and facilitate talented innovative creators. Rizoom offers them...

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