India Dance Festival
India Dance Festival
Online Class: Pavitra Bhat

Online Class: Pavitra Bhat


10.00 - 11.30

Event in the past.
Duration 90 min

Āngika - The beauty of body language

In this online class we zoom in on an important feature of Bharatanatyam and dance in general: alignment. How does one hold the body for dance, why do we keep our body in geometric formations, what is the relation between your core and adavus and finally what does it take to make our dance posture look perfect? In this workshop you'll increase your awareness of body consciousness and learn techniques to align the body and understand the geometry behind the adavus.  


This workshop is suitable for dancers who have at least learned Alarippu, Jatiswaram and Tillana and who are interested in learning the techniques of body and lines and the geometry behind the adavus.  


By: Pavitra Bhatt
Location: online 
Date: Sa 21st May 
Time: 10:00-11:30 CEST 

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