India Dance Festival
India Dance Festival
Kalpana Raghuraman
© Bowie Verschuuren

Tara + Fluïde

Online performance

Different times Korzo Studio X

Event in the past.
Choreography Kalpana Raghuraman
Company Kalpanarts
Style Contemporary

Online premieres: Dance and live music meet each other in dynamic duets

By combining Indian classical dance forms with urban and contemporary dance, Kalpanarts - the company of choreographer Kalpana Raghuraman and business director Gysèle ter Berg - creates a genre-transcending dance language. By using sources of inspiration other than just Western ones and by employing performers from different cultures, the frameworks of contemporary dance are stretched. Social and appealing topics serve as a basis. Kalpanarts aims to further develop her dance style and to conquer an irrefutable place in the Dutch and international dance field.

During the India Dance Festival 2021, Korzo will show the online première of two special duets in which dance and live music meet in Studio X.


Tara is a dynamically exciting duet with tight rhythms and impressive footwork. Modern sound of bass guitar and a looping station are combined with classical dance. You don't need to be familiar with Indian dance to be included in this duet inspired by the pull of stars on the Earth. Dancer Indu Panday organically unites the Indian dance forms Kathak and Bharatanatyam into a unique Indian dance idiom. The deep, penetrating tones and high-pitched chords of Mark Haastra's bass guitar create an eclectic musical world that at one moment surges to Indian nostalgic melodies and at the next evokes rhythmic rock energy.

Choreography Kalpana Raghuraman | Composition & bass guitar Mark Haanstra | Dance Indu Panday | Duration about 15 minutes | Online premiere 7 May 2021, India Dance Festival


Fluïde is a surprising duet due to the special combination of Indian singing (performed live) and dynamic breakdance. This striking duet is danced by break dancer Denden Karadeniz accompanied by live vocals by the Indian Shashwathi Jagadish. Kalpana plays with breakdance and urban techniques - such as isolation - and combines them with Indian rhythms and elements. Fluid is about the tension between different energy flows and associated emotions such as vulnerability versus strength. Can powerful break dance moves be small and intimate?

Choreography Kalpana Raghuraman | Composition Simone Giacomini | Dance Denden Karadeniz | Vocals Shashwathi Jagadish | Duration about 15 minutes | Online premiere7 May 2021, India Dance Festival

Live aftertalk

After the performance there is a live aftertalk with Kalpana Raghuraman.

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