India Dance Festival
India Dance Festival
Intensive Bhavana Reddy

Weekend workshop: Bhavana Reddy


10.00 - 15.00 Korzo Nobelstudio

Event in the past.
Duration 1740 min

Feminine and delicate rendering through dance  

Renowned dancer Bhavana Reddy delves into the forte of the Kuchipudi dance and drama: Shuddha Lasyam -  grace and fluidity that gives another dimension to the rhythmic movements of Carnatic dance styles. Participants will examine expression (Abhinaya) in their own body. They will also become familiar with the delicate aspect of femininity through the exploration of drama and role playing that is unique to Kuchipudi dance. How do the stories come to life in your imagination and how can they be expressed in this language of dance? In this workshop weekend you will learn about expressing yourself empathically and delicately without inhibition in such a way you can apply it to your own dancing personality.  


This workshop is suitable for intermediate and advanced dancers of all Indian dance styles.  


By: Bhavana Reddy
Location: t.b.d.
Date: Sa 28st and Su 29th May
Time: 10:00-15:00 CEST 


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