India Dance Festival
India Dance Festival



20.00 - 20.20 at your home

Event in the past.
Artist Unmukta Sinha
Duration 20 min
Style Odissi

The nine rasa in dance and memories

Unmukta Sinha is a young dancer trained in Kathak, Odissi, Bollywood and various Indian folk dances. For the 2020 India Dance Festival she was to perform a Navarasa dance piece based on the nine rasas or nine emotions that form the foundation of many Indian art forms. In the video above you see an excerpt of this performance. 

We also get to know the person behind the dancer via a portrait made of memories and personal questions. In 2012, she lived in The Netherlands for 6 months. In a informal setting she shares 9 memories of her stay, among which winning the Indian Dance Battle in Korzo. She connects the memories to the 9 rasas, making us experiences all emotions through her stories.

Unmukta Sinha: a portrait




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