India Dance Festival
India Dance Festival

Proceeds donated to help artists in India

At the end of April, Korzo had to cancel the virtual residency with dancer Bhavana Reddy due to the dire situation in India surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic. It was then decided to donate all proceeds from the online festival to charity. In collaboration with the artists and Priya Srinivasan, 'Artist in Crisis in India - Covid relief' has been chosen as the cause to which the proceeds will be donated.

Priya Srinivasan lived in the Netherlands and has participated in previous editions of India Dance Festival and the CaDance Festival in Korzo. She currently lives in Melbourne (Australia) where she is the co-Artistic Director of Sangam: Performing Arts Festival of South Asia and Diaspora in partnership with MAV, Abbotsford Convent, Drum Theatre, Bunjil Place and Dancehouse enabling a single platform for classical, contemporary and experimental forms.

Sangam is the initiator of the 'Artist in Crisis in India - Covid relief' fundraising campaign on GoFundMe. Read more about the project.

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