Zooming in on Loss


20.30 - 21.30 Korzo Zaal

Choreography Ann Van den Broek
Production WArd/waRD
Duration 60 min

Zooming in on Loss is the second performance by Ann Van den Broek in The Memory Loss Collection. In the acclaimed first part Blueprint on Memory, the memory itself and the early awareness of memory loss was central. The sequel focuses on the internal struggle between individuals and their social environment in the process of memory loss.

Zooming in on Loss is a multidisciplinary production in which video, an installation, performance, sound, the spoken word and emotional expressions are blended together. Onlookers experience layers of feelings that are slowly unveiled. The audience stands around the performers, this gives the performance a large measure of intensity and intimacy. Familiar yet alienating, limits that dissolve as soon as you zoom in. Clarity is permanently wiped out by a state of disorientation, confusion, chaos, and madness. Repetition in behavior, patterns and movements and los of recognition fill the space.

Zooming In on Loss is a WArd/waRD-Ann Van den Broek production in co production with Theater Rotterdam, ccBerchem (BE), La Pop (FR), La Briqueterie-CDC du Val-de-Marne (FR) and with financial support of Performing Arts Fund (NL), the municipality of Rotterdam (NL) and ABN AMRO Cultuurfonds (NL).


Concept, direction, choreography
Ann Van den Broek
Original cast
Louis Combeaud, Marion Bosetti, Gregory Frateur
Video- and light design
Bernie van Velzen
Niek Kortekaas
Music and lyrics
Gregory Frateur, Ann Van den Broek
Sound installation
Nicolas Rombouts
Assistence Ann
Nik Rajšek
Marielle Vos, Ann Van den Broek
Rio Staelens


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