Triple bill: Je ne tomberai pas, Impasse, Zwanenzang

Triple bill: Je ne tomberai pas, Impasse, Zwanenzang


20.30 Korzo Studio + Club

Event in the past.
Je ne tomberai pas Martijn Schrier
Impasse Hali Neto, Gerben de Jong
Zwanenzang Martijn Schrier & Sofie de Klerk

Sparkling, unpolished, magic. Tonight you will experience exciting work by the latest generation of graduates from the mime department in Amsterdam. The mime department trains strong-willed makers and performers. Martijn Schrier created a solo about dance phenomena Anna Pavlova. According to Martijn, ‘a woman who was capable of transforming into anything she chose: a flower, a swan, a dragonfly’.

Impasse is a tragicomic, physical performance by the mime duo Lés Irmãos. Two people briefly sit at a table, staring into space. Things did not go as planned. The silence is broken by an impatient finger tapping on the tabletop…

Zwanenzang is ‘a sneaky concert’ by Martijn Schrier and Sofie de Klerk. A flute, an accordion, and the body as a wind instrument. An urge to a constant connection with the moment, with each other, and with you. A desire to be together. Breathing.


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