Sugar Coated
© Froukje Romkema / Pakhuis De Zwijger

Sugar Coated


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Maker Junadry Leocaria

‘I don’t want no sugar in my coffee. It makes me mean…’

Dancer and choreographer Junadry Leocaria takes you back to the days of slavery with her compelling performance Sugar Coated. A far-reaching solo with which Junadry honours her ancestors and shows the pain they suffered without ‘sugar coating’.

Junadry created this solo in 2020 on a special invitation by the Mauritshuis museum where she performed the solo in the ‘Gouden Zaal’ that echoes with the colonial past. She called it a small victory for herself and her ancestors to be able to dance this story in the finest room of the so-called Suikerpaleis’.

“An ultimate opportunity to recognize our shared history and to embrace it through art…Healing for everyone, black or white.”


Sugar Coated is a solo that delivers a strong statement in other locations as well. The pain, the sadness, the injustice, the impotence, the struggle. But also the strength, the perseverance, the creativity, the triumph, the enlightenment, and the power to forgive.

Performance dates

28 January

full day
Teylers Museum

29 January

full day
Teylers Museum



Junadry Leocaria

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00.00 - 00.30

De Meervaart, Amsterdam

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