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Event in the past.
Maker Dunja Jocic
Production Korzo & Dutch Dance Festival
Duration 40 min
Part of In Hart en Ziel

Dunja Jocic is one of the most exciting new choreographers in the Netherlands. In 2017 she won the BNG Bank Prize and in 2018 the Prize of the Dutch Dance Festival. Dunja creates cinematic performances with an electrically charged and capriciously virtuoso dance language. In Resident we see a man, who striving for a perfect living situation, finds himself in a modern apartment complex. Although all the typical housing problems seem to have disappeared, his fears still linger. After learning that his access to his own belongings is somewhat limited, the man starts to question the utopia. Stable and quiet surroundings suddenly become as sterile as an architectural rendering. Living becomes more and more threatening.

Please note! A stroboscope will be used during the performance.


Dunja Jocic
Simon Bus
Barbi Markovic
Dramaturgy & Set design
Marinus Groothof
Music composer
Renger Koning
Campaign image
Jelena Jankovic
Scene photos
Sanne Rosbag


SEEKER※SOLO Try-out Sold out!

Samir Calixto | Korzo, Scenario Pubblico/ Centro Nazionale di Produzione della Danza

SEEKER※SOLO wordt een van de meest persoonlijke voorstelling van Samir Calixto tot nu toe.


Sint Servaasbasiliek, Maastricht

And the Rest is Noise Try-out

Fractal Collective

Fractal Collective werkt samen met de Japanse kunstenaar Daijiro Hama en co-choreograaf Justin de Jager om de ambiguïteit van noise (ruis) te onderzoeken: het contrast tussen stilte en rumoer, tussen focus en afleiding, tussen loyaliteit en loslaten.

20.30 - 21.30

Korzo Zaal

Shakti Première Sold out!

Hiphopvernieuwer brengt nieuwe voorstelling Shakti over de eigenschappen van de vrouwelijke energie.

20.30 - 21.30

Korzo Zaal


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