Passe-partout MUSICAL UTOPIAS #2

Passe-partout MUSICAL UTOPIAS #2


20.15 Korzo Zaal

Event in the past.
Part of Musical Utopias

Join the festival of sonic embrace!

Following the success of its first edition, Musical Utopias returns! This year delivers two days of sonic embrace. The festival explores humankind’s relationship to society, the environment, and social and political activism, with 2019’s edition focusing on self-reflection and inner clarity that drives a sharper broader perception. Musical Utopias is an invitation to share in this hopeful journey into the unknown, a journey that looks optimistically to the future. 


Midori Takada & Ivan Vukosavljevic
Fri 20 December, 20.30
Two contrasting sets launch the opening night of Musical Utopias 2019: one set sounds a light, visible space, the second burns a lucid visceral darkness.

Presence of Abscense
Sat 21 December, 15.00
Oscar Bettison’s Presence of Absence is performed with a screening of the film Homo Sapiens by Nikolaus Geyrhalter.
Performed by Ensemble Klang, strings from Matangi Quartet and singer Michaela Riener.

Music for the Longest Night
Sat 21 December, 20.30
Marking the winter solstice Musical Utopias brings an evening of music to take us into the deepest and longest night of the year. Ensemble Klang perform songs and instrumental works to usher in the evening. Among others, together with Michaela Riener, they give the world premiere of Maarten Altena’s Full Moon. After PolyBand takes of with their ritualistic grooves.


After ordering the passe-partour you will receive seperate tickets for each concert. You can print these tickets or have the e-ticket scanned through your smartphone or tablet.


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