Ons Wereldrijk

Ons Wereldrijk (Our World Empire)


20.30 - 21.30 Korzo hall

€ 7.00 - € 17.00 Per ticket

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Company Hotel Modern
Composer Arthur Sauer
Duration 60 min

Hotel Modern shows the colonial history of the Netherlands in Indonesia with ingenious animation and puppetry.

A gigantic mock-up of Indonesia fills the stage that is inhabited by hundreds of dolls about eight centimeters high. The players roam with mini cameras through jungles and rice paddies, past temples, villages, and mosques. The images are projected onto a large screen, bringing the island and its inhabitants to life. The story begins in the 17th century. We see Javanese princesses perform age-old court dances, and markets where cloves, nutmeg, and pepper are sold. We follow the trail of the enterprising Dutch who arrive at the islands with mighty sailing ships in search of valuable spices. To secure their commerce, they take strong mercenaries along and manage to take over more and more islands. We see how cannons roar, ships sink, villages go up in smoke, and how princes not only sell their spices to the Dutch, but also their souls.

Tour dates

18 February

20.30 - 21.30
Korzo hall

19 February

20.30 - 21.30
Korzo hall


Arthur Sauer
Concept, creators & play
Herman Helle, Arlène Hoornweg and Pauline Kalker
Stage photography
Bas Czerwinski, Pauline Kalker
Indonesian voice
Ida Ayu Maha Dewi
Decor assistants
Marsha Agerbeek, Heleen Wiemer, Kirsten Hutschemakers, Simon Schrikker, Juliet Campfens, Mark Hosking, Joost ten Hagen
Edwin van Steenbergen, Bas Standaar, Ruud Lamers, André Goos
Fonds Podiumkunsten, Gemeente Rotterdam
Help with research
Prof. Dr. Henk Schulte Noordholt, Tristan Mostert MPhil en Dr. Alicia Schrikker (Universiteit Leiden), Marjolein van Pagee MA, Irwan Ahmett, Bart Westenbroek, Dr. Tom van den Berge, Simon Kemper e.a.
Special thanks
Toon Agerbeek, Anne-Ruth Wertheim, Steve Elbers, Maureen de Jong, Dave Schwab en Albert Kokosky Deforchaux



Ryan Djojokarso

20.00 - 21.00

Theater Kikker, Utrecht


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