Music for the Longest Night


20.30 Korzo Zaal

Event in the past.
Part of Musical Utopias
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Marking the winter solstice Musical Utopias brings an evening of music to take us into the deepest and longest night of the year. This darkest of shrouds brings werewolves, nocturnal monsters, and the onset of winter, but also the birth of a new rising sun. The programme takes in works unearthing inner demons, poetic reflections on the moon, and ends with eternal, ritualistic, dance riffs that carry us into the tender embrace of the long dark night.

Ensemble Klang perform songs and instrumental works to usher in the evening. Among others, together with Michaela Riener, they give the world premiere of Maarten Altena’s Full Moon, a brand new set of songs on poems by William Carlos Williams.

The mighty PolyBand consist of a vast pool of musicians and dancers. Dealing with repetition and long-duration, they create ritualistic grooves from complex, multi-layered rhythms. The variable line-up affords each performer specific freedoms. This strives towards a true social music where every member is equal, defying ego and individualism.

The PolyBand takes us deep into the Longest Night with a music that feels simultaneously timeless while also expressing the urgency and uniqueness of the here and now.

PolyBand is generously supported by Stichting DOEK, Gaudeamus, NORMA fonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and Fonds Podiumkunsten


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