Intercity Sessions

Intercity Sessions


20.30 Korzo Studio

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Ensemble Ensemble Modelo62

In Intercity Sessions, Ensemble Modelo62 presents new composed experimental music in an unusual way. You can immediately come into contact with the music that is devoid of extra-musical ornaments. The music is pure and accessible. The young musicians of Modelo62 will even invite audience members to perform a piece with them. This year’s line-up brings a broad spectrum of colorfull works by the Dutch-New Zealand composer Alison Isadora, Dutch composer Gilius van Bergeijk and the American electro-acoustic composer and improvisor Alex Sigman.


Jong KC @ Korzo

Royal Conservatory and Korzo


Club Korzo

Between the Notes

Joseph Puglia, Frank van der Weij

The introduction of electronics in classical music has created countless possibilities. The violin virtuoso Joseph Puglia, together with sound designer Frank van der Weij, presents a program where his violin is set on an even footing with electronics.


Korzo Studio

Mare Nostrum Inclusive

Mediterranean Sounds

In Mare Nostrum Inclusive, a cross fertilization takes place around the Mediterranean. The group Mediterranean Sounds seeks inspiration in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Arabian styles and genres.


Club Korzo


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