Hip Hop Hoera The remix (4+)

Hip Hop Hoera The remix (4+)


15.30 Korzo hall

€ 7.00 - € 7.00 Per ticket

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Performance Don’t Hit Mama, DOX
Part of Festival De Betovering

There’s a place in the world for everyone. If you’re really shy or really don’t care, like to play together or rather play on your own. Hip Hop Hoera The Remix! Is the sequel to the hit performance Hip Hop Hoera! and is about you, me and we. It’s about belonging, friendship and peer pressure. Do you dare ask someone something? Can the other help you? You need each other but how do you go about it? A dance performance with three phenomenal urban dancers, wonderful, colourful film animations, and original forms of interaction. During the performance, children can let themselves be carried away by the attraction and social values of hip-hop culture.


Festival Feyerabend - night 3

Night 3 of Festival Feyerabend with a.o. CURL, In-Corpore by Cristiana Vignatelli Bruni, Greta Desirèe Facchinato, Paulien Bekker and Raquel Sánchez Gálvez, Mike Rijnierse & Rob Bothof.

19.30 - 23.00

Korzo - diverse ruimtes

Wie niet weg is, is gezien!

Ryan Djojokarso | Jong Korzo

Ryan Djojokarso makes playful, funny, and moving performances where he mixes dance with sports and games. This time we’re playing hide and seek. With Josje who likes cars and Anton who likes to dress as Cinderella, with tough girl Kim and cry-baby Seth, and with Rick who’d rather play with Frank because he’s secretly in love with him.

15.00 - 15.45

Maaspodium, Rotterdam

Boks (2+)

Theater De Spiegel

Two people discover that they are stuck in a small space, a box. They can't get rid of each other anymore. There is confusion, fear and unfamiliarity. Gradually they get to know each other with the necessary tensions, collisions, caresses and emotions.

10.45 - 11.35

Korzo Zaal


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