Freedom within Frameworks

Freedom within Frameworks


14.00 at your home

Event in the past.
Part of India Dance Festival

Lecture-demonstration about creative freedom with live Q&A


In an age where constant innovation and moving beyond forms seems to be the norm, the value of craftsmanship within one form is often overlooked. The boundaries of a vocabulary with a fixed grammar can be perceived as a limitation to an artist’s scope for creativity and development of their artistic voice.

Bharatanatyam dancer Christopher Gurusamy has worked in both classical and contemporary dance projects and in this journey he found his love and liberty in the classical and made the conscious decision to deepen his mastery of the classical form. In this lecture demonstration he shows how this form is constructed and how this very construction creates room for creativity. He illustrates this with dance material from his show My Krishna. Thus, he shares a much needed perspective which extends far beyond Indian dance and allows us to see frameworks as opportunities for the new.


Live Q & A

Following the lecdem, there will be a live Q&A with Christopher via Facebook Live and Zoom at 14:45 CEST.

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