Expo Sunny Jagesar

India Dance Festival: Exhibition Sunny Jagesar


10.00 at your home

Event in the past.
Part of India Dance Festival

Online exhibition by festival photographer Sunny Jagesar

Photographer and model Sunny Jagesar owns The Model Factory to help novice models take a step towards a professional career by providing them with a professional photo shoot, expert advice and catwalk coaching. In addition, he has also been associated with the India Dance Festival for many years as a photographer. He makes beautiful atmospheric photos during the festival and his shoots of meet & greets with the artists are the most popular in the festival's Facebook album. Sunny has also been responsible for many campaign images, including this edition featuring dancers Dane Badal and Indu Panday.

During the online edition of the festival, we will be showing various online exhibitions by him. From atmospheric photography during the festival to his travels to India with star dancer Rukmini Vijayakumar and casual shoots of dancers, choreographers and artists.

Join the Facebook Event to see the exhibitions.


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