Double bill: Fractal Collective

Double bill: Fractal Collective


20.30 - 21.50 Korzo Zaal

Event in the past.
Performance Fractal Collective
Duration 60 min
Intermission Yes

They are new pioneers in the urban dance world: Fractal Collective uses the storytelling elements in breakdance to voice their experiences and ideas. The breakers developed their style on the streets, but their ambitions brought them to the theatre where they tell their current stories. They got an assignment to research their roots. This brought them to colonialism and the century long struggle for equality that followed. With One Blood they asked themselves what impact this historical event has on their present-day identity. With breakdance and contemporary dance they highlight themes such as conflict and victory, frustration and freedom, seclusion and discrimination. Their second piece Breakin’ Out tells a personal story of breaking free from societal patterns. They’re seeking to find freedom through movement. And when that freedom becomes a new pattern, a new structure forms to break free from. An urgent and dynamic evening where stories from the street are told in the theatre.



Choreography & performance
Robert Thomas Villedieu, Zino Schat & Constantin Trommlitz
Audio design
Zino Schat
Constantin Trommlitz
Spoken word One Blood
Sjaan Flikweert


i Première Cancelled

Maciej Kuźmiński, M7 Production by Aleksandra Machnik & Maciej Kuźmiński Company , Šeiko Dance Company

i is een visionair en symbolisch werk op de grens van danstheater en beeldende kunst.

20.30 - 21.40

Korzo Zaal

Friday Dance Day

Rutkay Özpinar, Ryan Djojokarso, Antonin Rioche, Wubkje Kuindersma

Here to move you @home. Dat is ons vertrekpunt tijdens deze onzekere tijden. We brengen Korzo bij jou in de woonkamer tijdens de #FridayDanceDay.


bij jou thuis

Online Urban Dance Class

We starten de week goed met iedere week een nieuwe class in een urban dansstijl.

09.00 - 09.30

bij jou thuis


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