Die Stadt ohne Juden

Die Stadt ohne Juden


20.30 - 21.58 Korzo hall

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Performance Ensemble Klang
Duration 88 min

De expressionistic film Die Stadt ohne Juden from 1924 was considered lost for many years, until a copy was found in 2015 at a flea market in Paris. The film about the advent of fascism is uncomfortably topical these days. The celebrated Austrian composer Olga Neuwirth wrote a new soundtrack for the movie that will be played live with the screening of the movie.

Neuwirth refers to the words of author and holocaust survivor Primo Levi: “If it happens once, it can happen again”. In Die Stadt ohne Juden, the newly elected Austrian chancellor remarks that anti-Semitism seems to sit well with ‘the people’ and decides to deport all Jews from Vienna. The movie by H.K Breslauer was based on the book of the same name by Hugo Bettauer from 1922 that was intended as a satire on prevailing anti-Semitism in those days. However, events took a different turn: Bettauer was murdered shortly after the movie’s premiere and his satire turned out to be a terrifying vision of the near future.


Festival Dag in de Branding: Catchpenny Ensemble

Light Trace, Zizos (world premiere), Catchpenny Ensemble

Catchpenny Ensemble works together with several composers and visual artist Tivon Rice to create Light Trace. Afterwards they perform the world premiere of Zizos by Meriç Artaç.


Korzo Zaal

Dag in de Branding: New European Ensemble Nederlandse première

Anna Thorvaldsdottir, New European Ensemble, Ensemble Academie Koninklijk Conservatorium

One of today’s most talked about composers is the Icelandic Anna Thorvaldsdottir. Her works are played the world over by famous orchestras and ensembles. She wrote In the Light of Air for the New European Ensemble, a Dutch premiere.


Korzo Zaal


Korzo Studio


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