Celebrating My Dance
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India Dance Festival: Celebrating My Dance


14.30 - 16.30 Korzo Studio X

Event in the past.
Line-up Presentations by a.o. Jolanda Boejharat, Sitra Bono, Poernima Gobardhan
Partners Laaktheater, De Nieuwe Regentes
Duration 120 min
Part of India Dance Festival

Perspective on Indian dance in the Netherlands

On Sunday afternoon, the India Dance festival gives way to a number of talented dancers who make a special contribution to Indian dance in the Netherlands. An afternoon full of inspiration, exchange and conversations that will hopefully make you long for the next full edition of the festival in 2022.

14:30 Welcome to Celebrating My Dance!
Host: Sharon Wezer
14:35 Presentations | part 1
Ardhanareeshvaram - Jolanda Boejharat
Mohiniyattam Padam - Shyama Warrier
14:55 Short interview with Jolanda & Shayma
15:00 Presentations | part 2
Varnam - Sitra Bonoo
Yamaha khuda Mahe ramzaan - Fayaaz Kalloe
Ganesh Vandana - Indu Panday
15:25 Short interview with Sitra, Fayaaz & Indu
15:25 Presentations | Part 3
Pancha Bhutam - Sitra Bonoo / Percy Munstslag
Thilana Malika - Poernima Gobardhan
15:45 Live Studio talk with all performers
Host: Sharon Wezer
16:30 End





Celebrating My Dance is organized in collaboration with Laaktheater and De Nieuwe Regentes.

Celebrating My Dance in Studio X

Korzo presents this free program online in the Pop-Up room of Studio X. Our 3D platform gives the maXimal Xperience if you use Google Chrome on a laptop or desktop. Read more about viewing performances in Studio X here. See also a brief introduction to the platform below.

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