The story of Bhama Kalapam


20.00 at your home

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Storytelling & dance Bhavana Reddy
Part of India Dance Festival

New for the India Dance Festival: Storytelling & dance by Bhavana Reddy with live Q&A

Many Indian dances have a strong theatrical component and dancers also portray characters and bring them to life on stage. The South-Indian style Kuchipudi, is especially known for this quality.

Bhama Kalapam, a dance drama inspired on Hindu literature, is a classic in the repertoire that every Kuchipudi dancer must have danced at least once. Central heroine is Satyabhama, one of Krishna’s consorts, who struggles with the fact that he has several wives. She wants him exclusively for herself and is unapologetically outspoken about this. Kuchipudi exponent Bhavana Reddy tells us this story that’s comprised of 6 chapters and illustrates this with excerpts of her dance drama musical in which she plays where is .


Live Q&A


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