15.00 Korzo Zaal

Event in the past.
Concept Fazle Shairmahomed, Farah Rahman

A decolonizing ritual

Anushthan is the second ritual in which Fazle Shairmahomed centralizes decolonization. Through this ritual, dancers Fazle Shairmahomed and Devika Chotoe follow the footsteps of their ancestors in the fight for decolonization. The mechanisms and effects from the colonial past can still be felt. A live mixed sound curtain from An3 brings them into a trance. They create a powerful and intimate joint moment to bring about healing and call for recognition of a shared history.

In this ritual we keep finding different strategies for decolonization, inspired by Butoh, Muslim funeral practices, Whirling dance, Waacking, and the Club.

The ritual will be followed by an after talk hosted by Deborah Cameron about the themes of the work.


Fazle Shairmahomed, Devika Chotoe
'..Formerly known as..' a.k.a. An3
Artistic team
Fazle Shairmahomed, Farah Rahman, Devika Chotoe, '..Formerly known as..' a.k.a. An3, Ludmila Rodrigues, Fred Janssen
Artistic advisors
Junadry Leocaria, Valentina Lacmanovic, Stephanie Pan, Yun Lee, Ria Higker, Damani Leidsman, Deborah Cameron
Possible with the support of
CLOUD/danslab, Fonds Podiumkunsten, theater de Vaillant, CultuurSchakel, Cultuurfonds, Fonds 1818, Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie, VSBfonds Gemeente Den Haag
Alex Avgud


DansClick 22 Première Sold out!

Korzo en het BNG Cultuurfonds presenteren de winnaars in van dr BNG Bank Dansprijs 2020.


Korzo Zaal

Danslokaal 8 Sold out!

Antonin Rioche | Antonin Rioche, Andreas Hannes en Dalton Jansen

Een verrassende avond dans met drie nieuwe werken, gedanst door de bekende gezichten én de nieuwe jonge dansers van Conny Janssen Danst.


Verkadefabriek, Den Bosch


Samir Calixto | Korzo, Scenario Pubblico/ Centro Nazionale di Produzione della Danza

SEEKER※SOLO wordt een van de meest persoonlijke voorstelling van Samir Calixto tot nu toe.

20.30 - 21.30

Schouwburg De Lawei, Drachten


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