20.30 - 21.30 Korzo hall

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Choreography Amos Ben-Tal
Performance OFFprojects, ICK Amsterdam
Extra's 24 Feb Monday Movement Class | 26 Feb Wednesday Repertory Class
Duration 60 min
Part of We Are Public

60 is a unique collaboration between choreographer Amos Ben-Tal, his collective OFFprojects and dance company ICK Amsterdam. Together they take the audience on a meditative journey that reflects on the social constructs and personal experience of time. Through movement, sound, light and words, Ben-Tal and the dancers skilfully deconstruct the concept of time. Sixty minutes where one shares moments of stillness, pressure, hope and desire, exploring the structure of time and its mysteries.

OFFprojects Extra

Choreographer and musician Amos Ben-Tal and his collective OFFprojects are well known for their multidisciplinary performances, installations, lectures and classes. Their out-of-the-box mentality resulted in unique projects. You can experience a number of these in connection with the performance 60.

Tour dates

5 March

20.30 - 21.30
Korzo hall

6 March

20.30 - 21.30
Korzo hall


Choreography, music and poetry
Amos Ben-Tal
Artistic advice
Yvan Dubreuil
Milena Twiehaus, Genevieve Osborne, Aurélie Cayla, Luca Cacitti, Wolf Govaerts (OFFprojects) and Arad Inbar, Edward Lloyd, Sophia Dinkel, Maxine van Lishout, Hannah Kriesmair (ICK)
Produced by
OFFprojects en ICK Amsterdam
Korzo, NDT, Julidans, CC Heidelberg
Supported by
Performing Arts Fund NL, Municipality of The Hagueg, Fonds21, Gravin van Bylandt Stichting


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