CaDance Festival
CaDance Festival

Wrap up CaDance

What began with an invitation for the public to celebrate the 20th edition of CaDance in 2021 online as well as offline, developed under the increased COVID-19 restrictions into a completely online version of the festival in The Hague. Online CaDance also managed to keep the promise of being a springboard for young dance makers, a place to celebrate established creatives, and to show a broader vision of movement than through modern dance alone. In total, 2.922 tickets were sold for the livestreams broadcast from the newly launched 3D platform Korzo Studio X. Viewers were from all over the world: from the Netherlands to Moldavia and from Argentina to Russia and Israel.

Well received livestream premieres and Korzo Studio X 
Surrounded by a fine program of Studio talks with special guests, introductions and after talks with creatives and CaDance newscasts, there were five well received online livestream premieres including a online showing of the film Memory Loss Inside by Ann Van den Broek. Much attention was focussed on the way in which the performances were photographed. The performances as well as the filming and direction were enthusiastically received:

‘From lavish livestreams to dance films: there is much to enjoy in this edition of the CaDance Festival’  Volkskrant

‘The image language is uniquely strong and poetic.’– about Sonatinas 4 Feet by Duda Paiva and Fractal Collective,, critic’s choice

‘The creatives managed to enhance their performances eye to eye with the camera’s.’ - Volkskrant, about the performances Sonatinas 4 Feet, Glitter, and Bird Dog in the opening weekend.

‘For an entire hour, Mascarell made our world that much bigger and we are all connected with each other’. Cleverly done, mind-bending, very nice.’  Het Parool about Bird Dog

Exquisitely made, by the way, Studio X. That theatre feeling really comes back, just a shame that we have to experience it all ‘on our own.’ - visitor NL 

We more than enjoyed this performance!! We were completely surprised and watched in fascination. What a beautiful performance, and the silence…Thanks so much for this kind of ‘home entertainment! – Jan (75) and Margreet (72) about Sonatinas 4 Feet.

Reminiscing in Studio X
CaDance may be over but there’s still lots of content online in Studio X. For instance the narrative podcasts by and about Krisztina de Châtel, Astrid Boons, and Poernima Gobardhan are still available. And you can still listen to the broadcasts and studio talks posted during CaDance, including after talks and interviews with the programmers. The CaDance Reports can be rewatched as well.

The 3D platform Korzo Studio X is certainly here to stay. You can find more information on Korzo creatives and in the virtual production house in carefully made video portraits, podcasts and articles. New programs for the 3D platform are already under construction. 

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We also created pages per performance containing all the extra content for easy access.

Xtra Sonatinas 4 Feet

Xtra Glitter

Xtra Memory Loss Inside

Xtra Bird Dog

Xtra De Panter

Xtra Feminale


Some things are hard to control or manage in these unusual times. With this special edition of CaDance and the addition of Korzo Studio X, Korzo remains looking hopefully and ambitiously towards the future.

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